Amplifiers, Timers and Stimulators

We represent the well known brand of amplifiers, timers and stimulators from our partner, Digitimer North America.

Stimulator and Isolators

Isolated constant current stimulator

A Bi-Phasic current stimulator

A constant voltage isolated  stimulator

A Train Delay generator

A modular MultiStim system to deliver constant voltage and current stimulation

Amplifier, Stimulator and Timer System

Digitimer’s first Small Product Platform (SPP) device is suitable for extracellular single-electrode recordings with high-impedance metal or glass micro-electrodes, but is also appropriate for differential recordings from pairs of gross electrodes, such as nerve hooks.

Digitimer’s modular NeuroLog system provides a variety of signal amplification and timing functions, stimulation for extracellular and intracellular work, all in one rack

Other brand of amplifiers

We also represent well known brands of amplifiers and digitizers in Canada, find more information on our partner AutoMate Scientific’s related webpage, we can supply all the products listed there for Canadian researchers. Please contact us for details.

Stainless steel framed fine nylon grids for slice stabilization

Ceramic air stone provides a steady stream of fine gas bubbles to oxygenate your samples efficiently.

Sintered Ag-AgCl pellet electrodes to enhance and stabilize the recordings