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UVS1 Sterilizer Unit --- will be available soon

Launching with our partners Vivisco Ltd in January 2024 is a new product, the UVS1 Sterilizer Unit. This unit is used in-line for sanitizing solutions that feed brain slice keepers or brain slice recording chambers to stop the growth of bacteria.  Some bacteria produce toxins or metabolic by-products that can adversely affect neuronal physiology. 



The UVS1 sterilizer is a compact unit with a high efficiency UVC irradiated in-line flow cell with a modular design and comes with quick-change tube connectors and adapters to allow the passage of any liquid through the unit that requires sterilization. The flow of liquid is axial from one end to the other with the UVC radiating element within having a proprietary design for control efficiency and a safe replacement procedure when necessary. The unit dimensions are approximately 9cm x 7cm x 4cm and is supplied with an adjustable bracket and mounting post for easy positioning within an experimental rig. There is an external low voltage power supply and an optional low noise power adapter for use of the UVS1 in close proximity to electrophysiology rigs.


  • Reduce and hold bacterial loads in fluidic systems
  • Reduce frequency of cleaning due to bacterial and fungal growths
  • Chemical free sterilization, the UV irradiator is housed safely in a tamper proof enclosure
  • Compact size
  • Low noise performance for electrophysiology
  • Independently validated for suppression of bacterial growth
Validations are on-going by an independent organisation

Initial Validation of UVS1 Sterilizer

100 ml, K12 Escherichia coli starting at OD600 = 0.1, held at 37 °C and continuously pumped through a closed-loop circuit.

UVS1 Sterilizer Unit OFF: Cell population grows

UVS1 Sterilizer Unit ON : Cell population shrinks

Real-time OD600 measured with Agilent Cary 60 UV-Visible Spectro-photometer

Intermittent samples measured with: Flow Cytometry OD600

The validation of the technology is on-going with a final report due January 2024.


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