About Scientific Systems Design Inc.

Founded in Canada in 2002, Scientific Systems Design Inc. designs, develops and manufactures scientific research instruments. We  specialize in Brain Slice Chambers, Microscope Stage Chambers, Brain Slice Keepers and Temperature Control Systems, in addition we supply related products from our partners to offer our customers complete solutions. Our products have been developed for the neurosciences, with wider applications in related areas such as pharmacology, biochemistry and biophysics, for both university and pharmaceutical sectors all over the world

Our Philosophy

Our core philosophy is to engage with customers as efficiently as possible to serve their needs for both standard items as well as instruments designed and developed for specific projects. We are continuously improving the design and range of our innovative products whilst maintaining the highest quality for demanding applications.

Our Strength

Innovative Design

All our products are designed by scientists within our company having had years of lab experience to make the products fit for your research.

High Quality

Our products are manufactured for durability, proved and referenced by scientists.


We have designed and developed several products specified by our customers and has led to the introduction of new products.

Sukhvinder Singh Dhanjal Ph.D

Founder and CEO

Sukhvinder has neuroscience experience of nearly twenty years in academia including the Institute of Neurology, Institute of Ophthalmology and The National Institute for Medical Research where he developed an interest in improved techniques for in vitro tissue studies that included the spinal cord, retina and brain slices. This combined with electronic measuring and control systems honed his skills in hands-on design and development of various instruments in conjunction with the mechanical and electronic departments at the various institutes. With a growing appetite for design and development of instruments and apparatus for scientific research, Sukhvinder left academia in the UK in 2002 and moved to Canada to set up his own company which has now grown with worldwide distributors. 


Shane Ji Ph.D

Sales & Marketing Manager

Shane has accumulated over 30 years experience after obtaining his Ph.D in Neuropharmacology and Neurophysiology, with postdoctoral training at New York University, University of California at Irvine and he continued research work on moving to Canada at McMaster University, AstraZeneca R&D Montreal and NoNO Inc in Toronto. The electrophysiology experience includes extracellular, intracellular, patch clamp and multi-electrode array recordings in a variety of in vivo and in vitro as well as free-moving rats. More recent projects have involved pharmacokinetics and quality control roles using HPLC, particle counters and lyophilization techniques as well as developing HPLC assays for peptides and small molecules in body fluids. 

Shane brings this wealth of experience to this company to better serve and relate to our customers with the hands-on research he himself has been a part of for so many years.