Microscope Stage Chambers

Microscope stage chambers designed for use on upright or inverted microscope stages, in submerged or interface types, MS5 is also for cultured preparations on cover slips, and MC is the new concept of submerged slice chamber with dual surface perfusion and worked on both kinds of microscopes. Use Brain Slice Chamber Selector to help you choose the right chamber for your application.

Upright Microscope

Submerged type


Submerged slice preparations on upright microscope stages with easy objective or microelectrode access


Submerged slices with media access on both slice faces for stable electrophysiology and pharmacology


Submerged, enhanced dual surface perfusion of slices for patch clamp experiments

Interface type


Interface slice preparations on upright microscopes

Inverted Microscope

Submerged type


Submerged slices 


MC is designed to work under both Upright and Inverted Microscope stages

For slice or cultured preps on cover slips


Submerged, for both slice or cultured preparations on cover slips

Stainless steel framed fine nylon grids for slice stabilization

Sintered Ag-AgCl pellet electrodes to enhance and stabilize the recordings

Ceramic air stone provides a steady stream of fine gas bubbles to oxygenate your samples efficiently