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SH13, SH18, SH20 and SH13X

Stainless steel framed fine nylon grids for slice stabilization

SH13X is newly deveoped for MEA users

SH slice holder


The Slice Holders (SH) are also referred to as ‘harps’ and ‘slice anchors’ and used to hold down slices in various perfusion chambers to allow stable electrophysiology recordings from the preparation. The 316 stainless steel arms support very fine nylon threads, approx 20 to 25um in diameter across the open span. The arms are 800 um in thickness. Nine or more threads are stretched across the arms, excess threads may be cut as desired. There are three sizes suitable for chambers with diameters close to 13, 18 or 20 mm and the Slice Holders identified as SH13, SH18 or SH20 for ordering purposes.

The new product, SH13X (see picture below), is just like SH13 in size, but the threads are crossed at 30 degrees, to enable researchers using micro-electrode arrays hold down the slice more uniformly over the surface. SH18X and SH20X are also available upon request.



Parts description

The diagram shows three different round chamber openings: 13, 18 and 20 mm in diameter. The appropriate Slice Holders are identified as SH13, SH18 and SH20 for parallel threads, and SH13X for cross threads.


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