Brain Slice Keepers

Preincubation of brain slices in submerged or interface keepers, single ring, multiple rings in large volume or in low volume, as low as 4 or 2ml in independent rings. Use the Brain Slice Keeper Selector to help you choose the right keeper for your application.


Submerged slice pre-incubator four rings large volume

Submerged slice pre-incubator eight or twelve rings large volume

Submerged slice pre-incubator single ring for long term

Heated slice pre-incubator, submerged

Low volume 5ml slice pre-incubator single ring

Low volume 4ml or 2ml slice pre-incubator with two, three, four or six independent rings


Interface slice pre-incubator two rings

Stainless steel framed fine nylon grids for slice stabilization

Ceramic air stone provides a steady stream of fine gas bubbles to oxygenate your samples efficiently