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Brain slice pre-incubator single ring with optional compartments


The Brain Slice Keeper has been designed to pre-incubate brain slices prior to transfer into recording chambers. It consists of a pair of closely fitting acrylic rings, upper and lower, between which is wedged a sheet of nylon netting ( see photo below). In operation, the BSK1 is totally immersed in an ACSF-filled purpose designed holding vessel (BSKV) into which a 95% O2, 5% CO2 gas mixture is supplied with a ceramic bubbler. The bubbles rising from the base of the BSKV saturate the ACSF and provide constant circulation of medium to the slices which rest on the nylon net. Since the lower ring of the BSK1 carries a deflector shield, bubbles are prevented from being trapped under the slices and ensure continuous circulation of medium. Slices remain viable for many hours in these conditions. The BSK1 together with the BSKV holding vessel can easily be placed into a water bath for regulating the incubating temperature as desired. The typical fluid volume with BSK1 plus BSKV is 220ml.


  • Slices maintained for many hours prior to transfer to recording chamber
  • Simple to set up and maintain
  • Quick-change nylon net


LEFT: Arrangement of BSK1 hooked into the holder BSKV.

RIGHT: Oxygen bubbles rising from the ceramic air stone A induce circulation of aCSF to the top ring B holding brain slices on the netting. Circulation continues down on to the slices preventing movement and then out via open corners of deflector at C and D. The deflector has a curved half-cylinderical surface with closed ends so that bubbles can not reach the underside of the net carrying brain slices.

BSK1 plus BSKV schematic arrangement

Components of BSK1 slice keeper and Holder BSKV: A BSKV consists of a 200ml trough fitted with an air stone bubbler and needle valve regulator for fine control of gas. B View of BSKV from above. C BSKV with BSK1 in place and D viewed from above.


  • BSK-D

    This divider is inserted into the slice keeper to allow separation into quadrants.



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