Brain Slice Chambers

We offer submerged/interface or interface only brain slice chambers, single channel, dual channel or up to 6 independent channels to meet your project needs. Use the Brain Slice Chamber Selector to help you choose the right chamber for your application, or go to product overview for details. 

Brain Slice Chamber Selector

Microscope Type Stereo Microscope
Chamber Version Submerged or Interface Interface
Channel Number 1 2 2, 3, 4 or 6 1 2
Chamber Model BSC1 BSC1-2 BSC3 BSC2 BSC2-2

Brain Slice Chambers Overview

Submerged or Interface

Interface and submerged slices for stable electrophysiology and pharmacology

Dual channel version of BSC1 with TWO completely independent channels, shared temperature and oxygen

2,3,4 or 6 independent channel submerged or interface slice preps for high through-put studies


Single channel interface only slice chamber with inter-changeable templates for reduced dead-space

Dual channel interface only chamber with inter-changeable templates for reduced dead-space

Rubber coated magnetic feet for stale placement of brain slice chambers and high quality recordings

Stainless steel framed fine nylon grids for slice stabilization

Ceramic air stone provides a steady stream of fine gas bubbles to oxygenate your samples efficiently

Sintered Ag-AgCl pellet electrodes to enhance and stabilize the recordings