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NeuroLog system

Compact, versatile, modular electrophysiology workstation


Digitimer’s modular NeuroLog system is used in the most prestigious research centers throughout the world and is renowned for its wide variety of capabilities, flexibility, reliability, and ease of use.

The modular construction allows for any number of research tasks such as stimulation, amplification, extra and intra-cellular recording, triggering/pulse duration, multi-channel isolated EMG and EEG recording, pressure or other transducer recordings and more. And it can offer many advantages over other non-modular instruments. Further, it’s expandable.


  • greater flexibility – a complex system can be quickly devised by assembling and modifying various modules
  • enhanced efficiency – only the modules that are required for a particular task need to be tied up and occupy rack space. Modules can be shared amongst several set-ups, and can be easily swapped and changed, expanding the capability of the NeuroLog System without causing duplication.
  • wider compatibility – all of the input and output levels, impedances, and connectors etc. of the different modules are compatible. As such, pieces of equipment can be interconnected in the NeuroLog System, without causing any problems – even if those pieces are of diverse origin.
  • cost-effective – only required modules need to be purchased. You won’t have to pay for unnecessary functions or buy a ‘general purpose’ system. Individual modules can simply be added to the system at any time, as the scope and orientation of your application changes.



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