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NSZ606 Microscope

High quality optical components with ergonomic design, widely used in teaching, many scientific research experiments and industry


“Nexcope” is a high-end scientific research microscope brand combining traditional, pure optical design with more intelligent and advanced modern technology to provide a wide range of high quality optical instruments and technology solutions for scientific applications, including biomicroscopes that play a role in life sciences and public health.

This zoom stereo microscope  comes with a binocular head with super widefield optics, 10X  eyepieces, for a zoom ratio of 6.3:1. The LED light provides cool, even and bright LED illumination. Trinocular and digital viewing head are optional. Its 45 degree inclined trinocular oculars and high-eyepoint optical design ensures a comfortable observation for all kinds of users including eyeglass wearers. This microscope offers high resolution, super widefield of view, large magnifying zoom range and long working distance. The viewing head could be equipped with a universal table stand, which can expand the operating range, and the object can be observed from any direction and angle with high resolution, high definition and strong stereoscopic sense. It is an ideal instrument for researchers, teachers and students in scientific research experiment, small animal operation, inspection, screening, detection, and observation of various substances.

More models are available for your applications. The universal table stands are also available to fit your setup, and they are suitable for use with our BSC series chambers.


  • With high quality optical components, providing sharp and striking contrast image and ensure flat image at big depth of field.
  • Ease the tiredness with ergonomic design. 
  • With LED light for both incident and transmitted illumination providing even illumination and life expectancy can reach 6000 hours.
  • With Complete eyepieces, objectives and accessories, it is an ideal instrument for teaching, scientific research and industry assembling, inspection.



Drawing Tube

 Binocular viewing head, Inclined at 45°

 Binocular viewing head, Inclined at 60°

 Trinocular viewing head, Inclined at 45°

 Digital viewing head, Inclined at 45°

 Diopter Adjustment Eyepiece

 Extra wide field eyepiece WF10X/Φ22




 Zoom Objective


 Zoom Ratio


 Working Distance


 Interpupillary Distance


 Auxiliary objective

 0.5X  WD:220mm

 0.7X  WD:125mm

 2X  WD:45mm

 Glass Insert

 Glass Insert, Diameter 100mm


 Incident Illumination 100V-240V/LED

 Transmitted Illumination 100V-240V/LED


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