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In-line heating and cooling of perfusion solutions


Similar in construction to the MH02, this module is able to heat or cool perfusion fluid. Temperature can be controlled over the range 15 to 55 deg. C for any perfusion fluid during its passage through a stainless steel tube heat exchanger sandwiched between a heating element and a Peltier effect heat pump element. The heating element is controlled by the Proportional Temperature Controller PTC03 and the Peltier element is powered by the Peltier Controller, PC02. A connection to a water supply is required for operation of the heat pump. The Peltier Controller PC02 is dedicated for use with the MHC01. It effectively allows the PTC03 to provide a working temperature range that is below ambient. Depending on the temperature range and the rapidity of temperature change required, the power setting is chosen and the unit switched on to start the cooling process. With a flow rate of 2ml/min through the MHC01, a typical temperature jump from 35 to 20 deg. C can be achieved in two minutes. Sensors and an alarm system guard against over-heating and failure of the water supply to the MHC01.

Currently the systems are custom manufactured as there are several options to provide cooling liquid (tap water or an active cooling system like PC02), external power supplies and electrical noise considerations depending on the preparation (electrophysiology or pharmacology). Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Typical set-up


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