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Remove mains noise in real time without affecting the desired recording signal


The new Digitimer 8 Channel D400 has been added to their line of AC mains noise eliminators which now includes the original Hum Bug single channel as well as a 2 and 4 channel version. Digitimer D400 AC mains noise eliminators have many applications including whole animal research, in vitro electrophysiology setups and in a clinical neurophysiology environment and are supplied with Windows PC software that acts as a virtual control panel for the instrument.

Digitimer mains noise eliminators are not 60Hz (or 50Hz) noise filters, there is no data distortion. The D400 is quick and constantly updates surveillance if/when the affecting mains noise infiltrates an experiment. The D400 has different templates for each channel. So, it’s possible to use the D400 with different set ups in a laboratory.


  • Software control that permits easy adjustment of settings remotely.
  • The ability to examine the 60Hz (or 50Hz) noise template being removed from the signal via the software control.
  • D400 front panel controls are applied globally….helpful for when the user wants to clear the template for all  channels.
  • Use of “D” connector based cables helps with tidy cable management.
  • The USB connection allows for firmware updating in the future if further improvements are introduced.


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