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Submerged slice preparations for inverted microscopes



The MS4 chamber has been designed for use with all inverted microscope stages. The simple design consists of an input and output channel arranged so that the glass coverslip area remains filled with perfusion solution. The slices rest on the glass coverslip arranged to be at the focal plane of microscope objective and access for condenser optics from above. Adaptor plates are available for various microscope stages.

Perfusion solution enters from one side via a stainless steel tube and exits through an ’L’ shaped well in which a movable tube attached to a pump / suction line adjusts the fluid level. Solutions can be pre-warmed before entering the chamber with our Mini Heating Module MH02. Perfusion solution forms a pool around the preparation whilst being refreshed by virtue of the inlet and exit ports.


  • 1 ml capacity flow through inverted microscope stage chamber
  • Glass coverslip base
  • Temperature control unit available


  • Size: 100mm diameter X 10mm thickness
  • Material: Clear acrylic
  • Coverslip base: 22mm X 150um thickness, borosilicate glass. Attached to base of chamber with silicone rubber sealant.  
  • Inlet tube: Stainless steel tube, 1.81mm O.D. pushed into 10X32 UNF fitting.
  • Exit tube: As for inlet tube
  • Dead space: Min. capacity of pool formed above coverslip and channels leading to inlet and exit ports is 1ml.


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