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R-480 Nanoliter Microinjection Pump

Precise liquid injection in nanoliter


A microinjection pump with a glass capillary. The precise displacement of the plunger pushes the liquid in the glass capillary for nanoliter injection, and a unique seal design ensures a tighter connection and better airtightness between the plunger and the glass capillary.

The R-480 is designed for high-precision microinjection, with nanoliter volume injection using fine glass capillaries. Precise control of the internal plunger, coupled with a unique seal ring design, makes better air-tightness, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of injection.


  • Precise injection

Unique seal gasket design ensures precision and accuracy of injection;Precise plunger displacement control with error less than 1%, ensuring consistent injection volume each time

  • Easy to use

Visual touch interface with real-time display of the injection process;Auotmated injection counts by built-in software, no needs for manual counting;Multiple injection cycles can be programmed, without tedious manual Settings;Foot switch to control injection is available

  • Protective design

Experimental data can be stored well even the accidental power-off;Plug with anti-misalignment mark can safeguard instrument damage by misplacing the connection cable


  • Rodents: Stereotaxic injection of drugs, viruses, neurotransmitters or dyes into deep brain tissue in rats and mice.
  • Fish and Frogs: Embryo/larvae injection of zebrafish clawed toad and other model organisms with nucleic acid material, protein, and dyes.
  • Insects: nematodes, worms, fruit flies, cotton bollworms, rice lice, etc.


Control unit size (length × width × height)

170×120×45 mm

Injection unit size (length)

20 cm

Length of connection cable between injection unit and control unit

100 cm

Length of connection cable between footswitch and control unit (optional accessories)

200 cm


5.0 inch capacitive touch screen

resolution: 800×480 px


Control unit 0.8 kg; Injection unit 0.2 kg;

Footswitch 1.5 kg

Minimum injection rate

0.02 nl/s (or 1.20nl/min)

Maximum injection rate

200 nl/s (or 12000nl/min)

Rate minimum resolution

0.01 nl/s (or 0.1nl/min)

Fill rate

0.02-200 nl/s (or 1.20-12000 nl/min)

Empty rate

0.02-200 nl/s (or 1.20-12000 nl/min)

Reset rate

200 nl/s (or 12000 nl/min)

Minimum injection volume

0.6 nl

Maximum injection volume

5000.0 nl

Minimum volume resolution

0.1 nl

Plunger travel distance

28 mm




1-999 s

Glass electrode Dimension

O.D. 1.14 mm, I.D. 0.53 mm


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