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MP-500 Micropipette Puller

Horizontal motorized micropipette puller to make the fabrication of micropipettes reproducible and easier


MP-500 is a horizontal motorized micropipette puller, designed to make the fabrication of micropipettes reproducible and easier.

It offers micropipettes with tip diameters smaller than 1 µm, and cone length between 3~15 mm and pulls two microelectrodes with symmetrical tips each time.

Boasting a touch-sensitive color screen and preset programs, the MP-500 micropipette puller makes the fabrication of micropipettes reproducible and easier.

Easy and quick softening point test, safe heat mode, and system diagnostic features ensure an ideal pulling condition for a stable pulling of micropipettes. And the other advanced features of the MP-500 micropipette include a unique slot to fix and replace heating filament easily, an integrated humidity-controlled chamber for easy plug-in or removal.


  • Preheat mode to maintain a constant temperature for a consistent and stable pipette pulling.
  • Two microelectrodes with symmetrical tips for each pull.
  • Pulls electrodes with tip diameters down to 0.1μm, cone length between 3~15 mm.
  • Impedance range from 1 to above 100Ω.
  • Preset pull protocols are available: only need input the parameters of the capillary glass tube, heating filament, and kinds of glass microelectrodes to be pulled, then a suitable pull program will be provided and can be modified as needed.
  • Store up to 99 pulling programs.
  • Safe heat mode to avoid the damage of the filament from high temperature.
  • Unique slot for easy fixing and replacing various models of filaments.
  • Integrated plug-in humidity control chamber to keep the air around the filament and the capillary glass to be dry, ensuring an ideal pulling condition.


  • Patch-clamp experiment
  • Microinjection or microelectrode: Adherent cell, C.Elegans, Drosophila, Zebrafish
  • Pronuclear injection and intracellular recording
  • In vivo microinjection: ES cell, Nuclear transfer, ICSI, Virus, Xenopus


User Interface

Capacitive color touch screen(1024*600px)

System Language

Chinese & English

Heat Filament

Platinum-iridium alloy

Glass Type

Borosilicate and Aluminosilicate

Max. Glass Size (OD)

2 mm

Tip Size

0.06 μm–3 μm

Max. Taper Length

2 cm








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