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Welcome! Scientific Systems Design Inc. is involved in the design, development and manufacture of scientific research instruments for university and pharmaceutical sectors.

Our current range of systems have been developed for the neurosciences, with wider applications in related areas such as pharmacology, biochemistry and biophysics.

To download a two page flyer in PDF covering our current product range, please click here:letter size (8.5"x11").

  Brain Slice Chambers

Brain Slice Chamber BSC1 
Interface and submerged slices for stable electrophysiology and pharmacology

Brain Slice Chamber BSC1-2
Dual channel version of BSC1 with TWO completely independent channels, shared temperature and oxygen
Brain Slice Chamber BSC2
Interface only slices with inter-changeable templates for reduced dead-space
Brain Slice Chamber BSC2-2
Dual channel interface chamber
Brain Slice Chamber BSC3
2,3,4 or 6 independent channel submerged or interface slice preps for high through-put studies
  Microscope Stage Chambers
Upright Microscope Stage Chamber MS1
Submerged slice preparations with easy objective or microelectrode access
Microscope Stage Chamber MS3
Interface slice preparations

Inverted Microscope Stage Chamber MS5
Submerged, cultured preps on cover slips
Membrane Chamber MC
Submerged, enhanced dual surface perfusion of slices for patch clamp experiments
  Brain Slice Keepers
Brain Slice Keeper BSK1 
Slice pre-incubator single ring with
optional compartments
Brain Slice Keeper BSK2 
Low volume 5ml slice pre-incubator single ring
Brain Slice Keeper BSK4 
Submerged slice pre-incubator four rings large volume
Brain Slice Keeper BSK5 
Interface slice pre-incubator two or four rings
Brain Slice Keeper BSK6 
Low volume 4ml slice pre-incubator three, four or six independent rings
Brain Slice Keeper BSK12 
Interface slice pre-incubator eight or twelve rings large volume
Brain Slice Keeper BSK AM 
Heated slice pre-incubator
Slice Holders SH 
Stainless steel frame with fine nylon grids for slice stabilization
  Organ and Tissue Chambers

Tissue Chamber TCKG
Nerve/skin/muscle grease-gap
and other preparations

Temperature Control

Proportional Temperature Controller PTC03 
Low noise chamber and perfusion solution heater control for electrophysiology


Proportional Temperature Controller PTC04 
Chamber, pre-incubator and perfusion solution heater control for pharmacology applications

Peltier Controller PC01
Supply of closed loop chilled coolant
Perfusion Solution Heating and Cooling Systems
Heat perfusion solutions
Mini Heating / Peltier Cooling Module MC01
Heat / cool perfusion solutions
Perfusion Systems
Perfusion System PS1 
Programmable solution switching
Tissue Slicers

Vibrating Tissue Slicer TS1 
Slicing instrument for electrophysiology

Electronic Noise Eliminator

Hum Bug Noise Eliminator 
Remove noise from electrophysiology recordings without filtering




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