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77002 Binocular Surgical Microscope

Compact and light, with a high degree of flexibility, meet the requirements of general microsurgery


Operation microscope is a single person binocular coaxial lighting simple operation microscope, compact and light, with a high degree of flexibility, can meet the requirements of general ophthalmic microsurgery, suitable for mobile medical use.


  • the lens adopts multi-layer coating technology to enhance transmittance and prevent mildew;
  • foot control and focusing, triple shift, good depth of field and binocular fusion, can meet the needs of cataract surgery;
  • the use of complex achromatic technology, so that the focus of different wavelengths of light behind the lens close, the operator’s field of vision more clear;
  •  the machine weight is only 41KG, the machine is light and compact, especially suitable for mobile medical treatment;
  •  optional desktop components, the machine is more portable; Can also be customized according to different surgical needs, to meet the needs of ophthalmology, ent and other surgical needs;
  • optional F250/F300/F400 objective.


  • Eyepiece multiplier 12.5×
  • The focal length of the objective is 200 mm
  • Working distance: 190 mm
  • Magnification of main mirror: 5.3×, 8×, 12×
  • ShiChangZhiJing 37 mm、25 mm、7 mm
  • Visual adjustment range ±6 D
  • The adjustment range of pupil distance is 50 mm ~ 80 mm
  • Maximum resolution 100
  • Line to/mm
  • Lighting source 12 V/100 W, cold reflection medical halogen tungsten bulb
  • Lighting type 6°+0° cold light source coaxial lighting
  • Surface illumination of coaxial illumination ≥30000 lx
  • Arm extension radius 870 mm
  • Vertical adjustment range (ground to large objective) 700 mm ~ 1100 mm
  • Fine-tune the focal stroke to 30 mm
  • Voltage AC 220 V/110V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Power 120 W
  • Fuse AC250V t1.25a, AC125V t2.5a


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