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77001S Microscope

Widely used in teaching, demonstration, small animal operation and many scientific research experiments


The 77001S binocular universal continuous polyploidy microscope is equipped with a universal support, which can expand the operating range, and the object can be observed from any direction and Angle with high resolution, high definition and strong stereoscopic sense. It is widely used in teaching demonstration, scientific research experiment, small animal operation, seed inspection and screening, criminal detection, electronic precision parts assembly and overhaul, quality control of textile industry, auxiliary identification of cultural relic stamps and surface observation of various substances.


  • Universal standard
  • High definition
  • High resolution
  • Strong stereoscopic sense
  • Wide application


  • the eyepiece multiples of 10 x large flat field eyepiece ф 22 mm in diameter
  • objective multiple 0.67X-4.5X objective multiple ratio 6.7:1
  • binocular observation head pupil distance 54-75mm visual adjustment ±5 diopters 45° tilt 360° rotation
  • field of view range 31.2mm-5.1mm
  • total magnification 6.7x-45x (10X eyepiece)
  • 3.35X-22.5X (10X eyepiece + 0.5x auxiliary eyepiece)
  • working distance working distance 100mm (10X eyepiece) Working distance 177mm (10X eyepiece + 0.5x auxiliary eyepiece)
  • focusing mechanism focusing handwheel adjustable
  • The universal stand supports 360° rotation, freely stretchable in length


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